Musicians, discover Ligreed’s sound

With its patented clip ligatures, Ligreed Ligreed brand, accessories for music instruments innovates in the field of woodwind accessories , saxophones and clarinets, offering the amateur or professional musician an optimal tuning of the reed on the moothpiece, for an exceptional sound rendition.

Discover this technology through a short video.


Clip ligature : an exclusive technology


Sound qualities

The clip ligature offers a diversified and open sound and thus an exceptional acoustics. Improve the potential of your instrument.

Precision and ease of tuning

With the tuning wheel and the screw, you adjust the position of the reed and therefore the sound as finely as possible. Save time on the tunings by keeping the moothpiece in place. Essential.


Saxophonist with Ligreed clip ligature for E flat saxophoneSaxophone

Clarinet obtains new sound rendition with Ligreed's clip ligatureClarinet


Young musicians and beginners

A product particularly suitable to young people and very easy to use. Easy repositioning of the reed, pedagogical qualities in terms of the musician’s posture.

Experienced and professionnal musicians

Thanks to an innovative technique, go further in your sound research and gain in usage convenience.



Ligreed, accessories, innovative ligatures for woodwind instruments


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