Founded in 2016 by Jean-Jacques Mure, saxophone teacher at the CRD (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental) of Puy-en-Velay, LIGREED Ligreed, new accessories for saxophones and clarinets SAS puts innovative products on the market in the field of accessories for musical instruments. The business is behind the clip ligatures for saxophones and clarinets resulting from three years of research and development.

It markets its first two products from September 2017.


Ligreed is a company specialized in in innovation towards accessories for woodwind instruments

An innovative startup

Specialized in wind instruments from the woodwind family , Ligreed Ligreed, innovative accessories for woodwind instruments claims a start-up approach, focused on innovation and technical progress. Its patented products provide a real plus over existing ligatures, benefiting sound quality, convenience, ease of use and learning. They have been praised by professionals in the distribution of music equipment.

The range is aimed at both amateur musicians and professionals.

Ligreed Ligreed is specialized in woodwind instruments Ligreed is not lacking in projects and the company is already considering launching new products.

Local integration and international ambitions

Claiming its roots in the Haute-Loire, the young company believes in the “made in France” character of its products. However, its ambitions go beyond the national territory. Indeed, the Ligreed Ligreed, products and accessories for clarinet and sax brand is registered internationally and the company targets the European and American markets.


Jean-Jacques Mure, Founding President of Ligreed, start-up that designs innovative accessories for music instruments
Jean-Jacques Mure, Founding President of Ligreed and designer of innovative products


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