The Ligreed start-up will display their very innovative clip ligatures during the Frankfurt Musikmesse trade show.

Resulting from three years of research and development, LIGREED’s Ligreed, innovative accessories for music instruments: clip ligatures clip ligatures have been on the market for a few months. Based on a patented technology, these innovative products transform the way reeds are fixed on woodwind instruments.

An easy-to-adjust accessory with outstanding sound

LIGREED’s Ligreed: new clip ligatures for saxophones and clarinets clip ligatures for saxophones and clarinets are fitted with a clip that puts pressure on the reed in the vibration direction on the instrument’s mouthpiece. A wheel allows very fine tuning of the reed’s position as well as exceptional, rich in harmonics, diverse and open sound rendition. The exclusive dual material processing with “soft” cushioning avoids interferences between the mouthpiece and the shank, and enhances the quality of the mouthpiece. The shank is held with a carat gold plated screw.
LIGREED’s Ligreed's clip ligature: a true innovation for musiciansclip ligature saves time. The company counted up to nine set-ups and removals of the reed in 30 seconds. Additionally, sound adjustments can be made without removing the ligature.
The product is great for young musicians, seasoned musicians and professionals alike.
The Musikmesse, international trade show for musical instruments and musical products, is the main European event for industry professionals and musical creation. Each year, more than 900 exhibitors are present. The event is held between April 11th and April 14th, 2018 in Frankfurt.

LIGREED booth (# K.59, hall 8) of the Musikmesse Frankfurt

About Ligreed
Founded in 2016 by Jean-Jacques Mure, saxophone teacher at the CRD (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental) in Puy-en-Velay, LIGREED is located in a French area with a plastics processing history. Its purpose is to innovate within the woodwind instrument accessories field for non-professionals and professionals alike. The company sells the clip ligatures for saxophones and clarinets – the result of three years of research and development – both in France and internationally. LIGREED’s products are manufactured in France.

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