Clip ligature for B flat clarinet

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The clip ligature for B flat clarinet offers an innovative fixation of the reed on the mouthpiece. It allows fine adjustments without removing ligature and a rich and diverse sound rendition.



This clip ligature is an accessory for B flat clarinet, also called sib. It is technically close to the product Ligreed Ligreed logo, accessories for sax and clarinet for E flat saxophone.


Technical characteristics of the clip ligature for B flat clarinet

The shank and the clip (Ligreed Ligreed, innovative music accessories for clarinet innovation) have an exclusive bi-material treatment. A “soft” processed cushion is added to a hard plastic material.

The tuning wheel allows moving the reed forward and backwards.

The new tray supports the reed.

New tray of the clip ligature for clarinet

The carat gold-plated screw holds the shank around the mouthpiece.

Product color: matt black.


The clip ligature is marketed with an included mouthpiece cover, which protects the reed when the clarinet is not used. Two foam pieces help hold the mouthpiece.


For novice clarinetist, amateur or professional.

Young musicians will appreciate the ease with which they can reposition the reed.

In addition, the features of the product presents an educational interest in helping children and young people play more upright and lift the clarinet further. The position less parallel to the body represents a better posture.

The seasoned and professional musicians will be seduced by the setting of the reed without removing the ligature, a guarantee of speed, while offering a real finesse of tuning. The dual-material processing contributes to “opening the sound”.


Patented design by Ligreed Ligreed, new accessories for sax and clarinet.

The product is manufactured in France.

Delivered without mouthpiece and reed


Ligreed’s clip ligatures presentation brochure


Set up

See the instruction manual of the clip ligature and the positioning of the shank and the reed.


Buy the clip ligature for clarinet in music stores

Ligreed distributes its products by itself.

The clip ligatures arrive at music accessory stores. Contact your local dealer.

Price : 75 euros, maximum recommended price.


This post is also available in: Français

This post is also available in: Français

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