Saxophonist Sofia Zumbado from Mexico on Ligreed’s ligatures booth (alto sax and b flat clarinet) : the best tuning

Sax and clarinet ligature by Ligreed: exceptional sound

Musicians who play E flat sax or B flat clarinet waste time to remove the ligature from their mouthpiece to place the reed. Often, they want to improve the sound of their instrument and face a lack of adjustment. Fortunately, there is a product that transforms the field of ligatures.

This ligature is easy to adjust

The patented Ligreed ligature is fitted with a clip that presses the reed onto the mouthpiece of the saxophone or clarinet. A wheel allows you to move the reed forward or backward to find the ideal position in relation to the mouthpiece and its hardness.

In addition, in three seconds, you can set up and remove the reed. What a time saver! It is no longer necessary to remove the ligature to clean the mouthpiece. Once it’s on, you don’t take it out!

This ligature is available for E flat saxophone and B flat clarinet.

For the first time, its inventor Jean-Jacques Mure exhibited this music accessory at the Namm Show in Los Angeles from January 24 to 27, 2019. This model aroused strong interest from visitors who like instruments. The test requests were numerous.

An exceptional sound

The sound quality of the alto saxophone and B flat clarinet ligature seduced the musicians. All said that the sound was extremely good and that the design was very innovative. There is no tightening: it’s pressure on the reed in the same way as vibration. The effects are very clear when you are listening to the instrument. It opens up the sound which is more diverse and rich in harmonics. There are good news for music lovers. The sound potential of their sax or clarinet is now under control.

” To try it is to love it “,

explains Jean-Jacques Mure. Indeed, the characteristics of this model convinced the musicians who tested the new plastic ligature on their alto sax or B flat clarinet. Some videos shooted during the exhibition show famous musicians or not discovering the Ligreed ligature and its sound qualities. It brings a wind of change to the accessories for saxophone and clarinet, for a reasonable price.

Nice sound for Arno Hass with Ligreed’s ligature

Thomas Love and his sax

A visitor from Las Vegas on saxophone. This ligature makes the reeds setting and the installation on the mouthpiece easier.

Sébastien Trognon, Cannonball artist

A different sound on saxophone by Alex from New York. This ligature is also available for clarinets.

Ligreed sets a new standard in accessories that allows you to get the optimum sound from your sax or clarinet. Indeed, metal ligatures haven’t these sound qualities and this ease of tuning.

Many artists honored us with their presence and shown interest in the products.

Derek Brown au Namm show 2019 avec Jean-Jacques Mure,créateur des ligatures saxo alto et clarinette si bémol
Derek Brown
Tomoka Nomura-Jarvis a découvert des ligatures qui offrent un son et un réglage exceptionnel
Tomoka Nomura-Jarvis
Bonus : Stevie Wonder passe devant le stand Ligreed (Namm Show 2019) !
Stevie Wonder walked past the Ligreed booth.

Order your ligatures

Our products are available at 62,50 € (VAT not included price).

The ligatures are fitted with a new tray that supports the reed, compatible with a very wide range of mouthpieces. They are made of black plastic with dual material processing. A carat gold-plated screw allows fastening and a mouthpiece cover is included.

The product is suitable for seasoned and young musicians alike.

Order your ligatures for alto saxophones and B flat clarinets and request their shipment via our online store!


More info in Ligreed’s ligatures brochure.


Photo at top: Saxophonist Sofia Zumbado from Mexico on Ligreed’s ligatures booth

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