Placement of the reed and the clip ligature


Instructions for use of the clip ligature

How to set up the Ligreed clip ligature and position the reed? It is very simple.
1) Place the shank on the mouthpiece, making sure the ligature is parallel to the mouthpiece. Then tighten the gold screw so that the shank does not rotate.
Placement of the shank of the clip ligature on the mouthpiece of the instrument
2) Place your reed on the tray. The new tray allows adaptation to a wide variety of mouthpieces (except metal mouthpieces).
Placement of the reed on the tray of the clip ligature
3) Place your tray in the shank by pressing the clip, then turn the right knob to lower the reed to the desired position.
Placement of the tray with the reed on the shank of the clip ligature
4) Refine the sound with the wheel while raising or lowering the reed on the moothpiece (without removing the shank).
Tune the position of the reed with the clip ligature wheel, without removing the moothpiece
Set up the Ligreed clip ligature: english, deutsch, espanol, italiano

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The clip ligature is an extremely easy to use accessory, which offers very great musical possibilities. Discover its instructions for use, the setting up of the ligature and that of the reed. To try it is to adopt it.




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